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Glow In The Dark

Ceramic Colors - Over 500 Colors Available

Glass/Borosilicate - Close To 200 Colors Available


Waterslide decals is a transfer printed onto a special paper that will allow your design to slide off the paper when submersed in water. Clearly, the shape of the object for decoration dictates the size and placement. One advantage to using decals is that a decal’s cover-coat is flexible and can be stretched so that the design will fit the shape of the product. Why not promote your company and apply your company logo on the bottom or back of the decorated products (back-stamp)? Our waterslide decals are made to be fired onto ceramic or glass products but also can be applied onto wood or metal surfaces. Due to the fact that our decals do not have an adhesive underside, a clear-coat or varnish is required on top of the decal to adhere the decal to the surface. Art Decal Enterprises does not produce open stock decals and a printed catalog is not available.


Non-Fire decals are vintage style decals which applications include motorcycle gas tanks, bicycles, helmets, guitars, gumball machines, surfboards or just about anything you can think of.  These types of decals can be placed either inside or outside of windows.  Some applications require a lacquer, varnish or clear coat, depending on application.


Ceramic decals can be fired onto stoneware, bone china, and porcelain. Art Decal Enterprises custom makes ceramic on-glaze, lead-free and in-glaze decals. We stock a wide range of colors to meet your needs. This includes precious metals such as gold, platinum and gold bearing purples.


To meet your regulatory, design and printing requirements, we have introduced lead-free ceramic decals. Currently we only offer a very limited color selection. Please call for color availability.

Give us a call at 562-434-2711 or email us at [email protected]


Glass decals are produced in two firing temperatures, for soda lime glassware (drink ware) and borosilicate (pyrex) glass used in industrial and commercial applications. We stock a wide range of colors to meet your needs. This includes precious metals such as gold, platinum, gold bearing purples and satin etch(sandblast look).


Borosilicate decals are printed in a wide array of colors. Suitable for hand blown glass, art glass, laboratory and scientific applications. Request a quote for your next custom job.


In-glaze decals are used on dinner/drink ware.   These decals are for food consumption and are lead-free.




Ceramic Firing Range: 735º – 770º Celsius (1390º – 1425º Fahrenheit) Recommended cone, 017
Ceramic(Lead-Free) Firing Range*: 800º – 900º Celsius (1470º – 1650º Fahrenheit) Recommended cone, 016 or 015
Higher firing is for ceramic/porcelain applications.
Holding peak temperature 10 – 20 minutes (depending on conditions and equipment)
*Lead-Free decals requires a slow firing cycle.




In-glaze Firing Range: 1162º – 1218º Celsius (2125º – 2225º Fahrenheit) Recommended cone 5.




Glass Firing Range (Decorative & Lead-Free): 580º – 620º Celsius (1050º – 1135º Fahrenheit) Recommended cone, 022 or 021
Lower firing is for glassware applications.
Holding peak temperature 10 – 20 minutes (depending on conditions and equipment)
Fast Firing: You can fire at the upper firing limits, at a fast ramp up of temperature with no hold at the peak temp.
*Lead-Free decals requires a slow firing cycle.


For best results, allow decorated ware to thoroughly dry before firing. We recommend let dry overnight.  These temperatures are by no means absolutes and we therefore suggest that you test fire on your wares under your conditions. Firing conditions and substrates will vary and will have varying results.


Under optimum conditions, the firing cycle should be slow and well ventilated.


Please note that we cannot take responsibility for the lead and cadmium levels of the ceramic/glass decals when fired. Unless otherwise stated please DO NOT decorate on surfaces that come in contact with food or drink unless decal is In-glaze.  Please see our regulations page. If decals are used on food-bearing surfaces, we recommend that the products be tested to comply with FDA and state rules.


Cost Guidelines


Before ordering, please be aware that our turn around time is 10-15 WORKING days, not counting weekends and Holidays, and please understand that there are a few orders ahead of you.  If you desire decals sooner than that, there will be a rush charge of 50% of your total order added to invoice.


The cost of a custom decal will depend on the number of colors to be printed, the size of the image, and the quantity required. Due to the nature of the printing, there is 10% over-run and under-run on quantity ordered. Our minimum order quantity per design is 125 pieces.  Multiple designs with common colors can often be printed on the same setup. This can be a more economical method of production. Additional charges to consider are artwork/setup charges, shipping and taxes.

Please complete our price estimate form if you have a design or logo you are interested in producing as waterslide decals. Art Decal Enterprises does not produce stock decals and is a custom decal manufacturer. A printed catalog is not available.